Jimmy with Jim Glaser in 2010.


Ladder To The Sky/Remember Jesus 
Kark 628 1962

Rusty Old Halo/Man Called Noah
Shanon * SH 302 1962
Lyco * SO 1322 1962
Lyco * Lyco 1002 1962

Why Can't We Love Each Other/Every Little Pretty Girl
Vee Jay 517 1963

Don't Try To Tell Me/Every Little Pretty Girl
Ric 12465 1964

What Does It Take/My Most Requested Song
Epic 5-10027 1966

Woman, Woman/Money Cannot Make The Man
Epic 10173 ** 1967

Woman, Woman/What Does It Take
Epic 10222 ** 1967

Where Has All The Love Gone/He Will Break Your Heart
Epic 5-10261 1968

Tonight's The Night Miss Sally Testifies/Where Has All The Love Gone
Epic 5-10518 1968

Boston/Baby, Don't Cry
Epic 5-10301 1968

L.A. Angels/A Rose Is A Rose
Epic 5-10444 1969

The Worst That Love Can Give/Tallahassee
Epic 1970

Tonight's The Night Miss Sally Testifies/Where Has All The Love Gone
Epic 5-10518 1971

Give Love A Place To Begin/Cheatum
Epic 5-10620 1970

Western Union Wire/Please Take Me Back
Vanguard VSD 35164 1972

Ramblin' Man/One Man's Woman At A Time
Cinnamon 772 1973

You And Me And Love On The Open/If It Pleases You
Cinnamon 780 1974

Sold American/Please Take Me Back
Vanguard VRS 35169 1974

Sweet Fantasy/Lady With The Blues
Cinnamon C 796 1974
Ocean OCS 209 (UK)

The Weight Of My Chains/Can I Pick You Up
Tam 1001 1975

Don't Say Love/Cheatin' Turns Her On
Tam 309 1976

Turnin' My Love On/She's Free But She’s Not Easy
Kik 907 1983

The Greatest Country Singer Of Them All
Evergreen EV 1001 1983

British Singles

Sweet Fantasy/The Lady With The Blues
Ocean (Pye) 1974

Ain't She Something Else/Song And Dance Man
RCA 2556 1976

Feeling The Weight Of My Chains/Can I Pick You Up
Checkmate CMSS 806 1978

Click on this Checkmate link to see a press cutting, relating to the above single, which appeared in an English music magazine. There's no date on the advertisement but it is interesting to see. It also mentions other releases at the time by Lloyd Green and British singer Kelvin Henderson.



Sings His Own Hit Songs/Woman, Woman
Epic BN 26372 1968


Jimmy Payne Sings Foster And Rice Songbook
RCA LSA 3221 1975


Jimmy Payne And Friends Live At Broadmoor Hospital
Ocean OCL 3001 1976


Walk With Me The Rest Of The Way
Word WST 9581 1978


The Best That Love Can Give
Westwood WRS159 1980


Jimmy Payne, The Album Version
Password PASSA0002 1986


Happiness, Heartaches And Payne
Sounds Upon Cumberland
SC 412 1989


Pieces Of Life
Jasmine JASCD380 2000


When Mama Prayed
Sounds Upon Cumberland
SCCD 414 2003

Various Artists/Compilations


A Whistle Stop Tour of Jasmine Country
Various Artists CD
Jimmy Sings "The Weight Of My Chains"
Jasmine JASXCD 2
Released October 2001


Golden Jubilee
Tribute To Johnny Cash
Various Artists CD
Jimmy sings "Teach Me A Little Each Day"
Word TRIBD 003 2001


Timeless Classics From The 20th Century
Various Artists CD
Jimmy sings "Why Me Lord"
Word MILD 001 2001


The Ultimate Timeless Collection
Jimmy sings "Why Me Lord"
Word WMD 002 2001


Mansion In Spain *
MMG Records 2005
Various Artists CD not for general release


Before They Were Hits, Volume 3
Various Artists CD
Jimmy sings "Woman, Woman"
Crystal Ball Records 2005

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