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This page is dedicated to the big, wide, wonderful world of country music and the people, organizations and companies that make it happen!

While it is not possible to credit all the people who support Jimmy Payne on this page we do believe we should mention one man in particular and that's Jim Glaser. Jim was co-writer with Jimmy on the song "Woman, Woman" the 1967 million seller for Gary Puckett and the Union Gap which probably started their careers as songwriters. Jim, of course, has written many other songs with Jimmy which you can read about on other pages on this website. Jim Glaser sadly passed away on Saturday, April 6th, 2019 aged 82. RIP Jim Glaser.

I am sure you are familiar with songs such as "Lord Mr. Ford" and "East Bound and Down" made famous by Jerry Reed and "Some Days Are Diamonds" which was recorded by John Denver and Bobby Bare to name but two. They were all written by Dick Feller who's also written songs for Jimmy – "L.A.Angels," "Boston" and "Memphis Morning News" - the latter is featured on the CD "Pieces of Life" and can be heard on our music page.

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