"The Album Version"

Photograph by Jim Glaser

Side One:

"Don't Say Love" (Jimmy Payne/Jim Glaser) 2:34* 
"Cheatin' Turns Her On" (Jimmy Payne/Bill Holmes) 2:29*
"When Someone That You Love Touches You" (Jon Philibert) 2:34**
"The Weight Of My Chains" (Jimmy Payne) 2:37*
"The Greatest Country Singer Of Them All" (Jimmy Payne/Lobo) 3:05 +
"Turnin' My Love On" (Bob Milsap) 2:13 ++

Side Two:

"Ugly Women And Pickup Trucks" (Mike McCauley) 2:19**
(with Tompall Glaser)
"How Do You Tell Someone You Love" (Jimmy Payne/Jim Swanson) 2:48**
"Can I Pick You Up (You Look So Low)"
(Walter Carter/JimBeau Hinson) 2:40**
"Every Dog Has Its Day" (Jimmy Payne/Gill Blankenship) 2:41**
"Cheerio To Jolly Olde" (Jimmy Payne) 3:04**

Lead guitar: Reggie Young*, Greg Galbraith**, Mike Severs+, Roger Ball ++
Rhythm guitar: Dave Kirby*, Greg Galbraith **, Lobo+, Roger Ball++
Keyboards: Earl Ball*, Walt Cunningham **, Tim Atwood+, Randy Goodrum ++
Bass: Henry Strzelecki *, Bill Holmes **, Mike St. Clair +, Curtis Young ++
Steel guitar: Doyle Grisham */**, Mike Johnson +
Drums: Larry Londin *, Richie Simpson **, John Gardner +/++
Harmonica: Jimmy Payne **
Fiddle: Johnny Gimble *, Ernie Reed +

Backing vocals: Sharon Vaughn Singers (with Jim Glaser) *, Jim Glaser +, Cates Sisters ++, Jimmy Payne on "When Someone That You Love Touches You" and "Cheerio To Jolly Olde", Debbie Morton on "How Do You Tell Someone You Love" (courtesy of Debut Records)

Tompall Glaser appears courtesy of MCA Records, Inc.

Producers: Bill Holmes *, Jimmy Payne **, Johnny Morris +, Bob Milsap/Bill Holmes ++
Recording studios: Soundshop Studio*, Fireside Studio *, Polyfox Studio +, Ironside Studio ++, Nashville, Tennessee.

"Jimmy Payne – The Album Version," was released in 1986 on the British Password label PASS - A0002.

The Album Version

A photograph from "The Album Version" which was not used on the cover. Thanks to Jon Philibert for this image.

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