"The Best That Love Can Give"

Side One

"Memphis Morning News" (Dick Feller) 2:45
"The Best That Love Can Give" (Jim Glaser/Jimmy Payne) 2:36
"Rags For Amos" (Gene Brantly/Jimmy Payne) 2:46
"Candy" (Jim Glaser/Jimmy Payne) 2:35
"You Even Look Good To Me In Blue" (Jim Glaser/Jimmy Payne) 2:46

Side Two

"Velvet Wallpaper" (Jim Glaser/Jimmy Payne) 2:45
"Tonight's The Night Miss Sally Testifies" (Gene Brantly/Jimmy Payne) 2:30
"Now It's Starting To Rain" (Jim Glaser/Jimmy Payne) 2:17
"If We Ain't In Love" (Jim Glaser/Jimmy Payne) 2:07
"Who'll Protect Me From The Morning Sun" (Jim Glaser/Jimmy Payne) 2:29
"Temporary Permanent Kind Of Man" (Jim Glaser/Jimmy Payne) 2:36

All songs published by Acuff Rose Music (BMI)

Sleeve notes by Jim Glaser

Jimmy Payne is not just my good friend; he's someone I've always been proud to be associated with over the years. Because I don't think anyone can deliver a song quite like he does.

This album contains eleven songs recorded by Jimmy in the late sixties and early seventies in the old Glaser 4 track studio, and utilizing, for the most part, the Glaser Bros. Nashville Studio Band. I had the pleasure of co-writing eight of these songs with Jimmy, and if you listen closely, you'll hear me singing with him at times.

These songs have never been released anywhere before; and I must say it was a nostalgic journey into the past for us the day we went into the studio and listened top the old master tapes. This album reflects not only an era of our musical history, but a piece of our inner lives, our growth and development.

Jimmy Payne has a talent that captivates the listener, and they're never disappointed. His heart is always in his music. He is a true singer of songs.

Thanks to Bill Holmes – bass; Doyle Grisham – steel guitar; Jim Glaser – background vocals, and special thanks to Paul Gauvin for extra acoustic, drums, bass and vocals.

Copyright © Jimmy Payne Music