"Happiness, Heartaches & Payne"

Side One

"My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You" (N.Martin/J.Payne) Ensign Music
"What Time Is It In Your World" (T.L.Waithall/J.Payne) Hitkit/Songs of Sixpence
"You'd Better Believe It" (D.Dickson) Hitkit Music
"My Most Requested Song" (Jimmy Payne) Ensign Music
"Wrinkles In My Rainbows" (Jimmy Payne) Jimmy Payne Music/Hitkit Music
"Teach Me A Little Each Day" (Jimmy Payne) Songs Upon Cumberland

Side Two

"Ramblin' Man" (R.Betts) Unichappell/Forest Richard Betts Music
"Mansion in Spain" (J.Salley/Jimmy Payne) ChoLampy Music/Song Of Sixpence
"Lovin' Over Time" (J.Salley/Jimmy Payne) ChoLampy Music/Song Of Sixpence
"I'd Know A Lie" (N.Martin/Jimmy Payne) Collins Music/Song Of Sixpence
"Mull Of Kintyre" (P.McCartney/Denny Laine) MPL Communications

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